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New Cars

There are significant benefits in purchasing a new vehicle. The manufacturers now offer excellent warranties. Most vehicles are European compliant in terms of strict emission control, so you are helping the environment in a small way.

KeysLeasecorp offer a free service to assist when buying a new car. Utilising Leasecorps large purchasing power in the industry to find the best deal available. No need to haggle with the salesman. Contact our office on 1800 232 615 for details.

With a new car, dealers have to comply with warranty set by the manufacturer.

Prepare a checklist to analyse your vehicle requirements, for example:

  1. How much money can I borrow?
  2. What safety requirements do you want in the vehicle, air bags, ABS etc?
  3. Does the vehicle have the correct towing capacity?
  4. How many people will regularly travel?
  5. Include room for pets, baggage etc
  6. With high fuel prices, should I look at diesel?
  7. Do I want a prestige vehicle?
  8. Will I travel on gravel roads?

Research on new vehicles is achieved by purchasing motoring magazines, looking on the official manufacturers websites, and comparing prices using sites like the NRMA.

The more research you do, the better prepared you will be.

Resale is very important, as some vehicles do not value up close to their residual values, even after 18 months.

Compare servicing and parts replacement costs with the dealer prior to making your decision.

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