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Atlas Copco Equipment Finance

Atlas Copco have a large range of equipment including:


Construction and Mining Equipment


  • Atlas Copco Demolition equipment
  • Atlas Copco Rock drills
  • Atlas Copco Blast hole drilling rigs
  • Atlas Copco Large rotary & DTH blast hole drills
  • Atlas Copco Exploration drilling
  • Atlas Copco Rock drilling tools
  • Atlas Copco Underground vehicles
  • Atlas Copco Ground engineering
  • Atlas Copco Raiseboring Equipment
  • Atlas Copco Rock reinforcement & bolting
  • Atlas Copco Water well, gas, coal bed methane
  • Atlas Copco Road construction equipment


Compressors and Generators


  • Atlas Copco Stationary compressors
  • Atlas Copco Portable compressors
  • Atlas Copco Quality air solutions
  • Atlas Copco Generators
  • Atlas Copco Process gas compressors & Turboexpanders

Leasecorp Motor Vehicle & Equipment Finance have been financing Atlas Copco construction equipment for our client base for over ten years. Atlas Copco offers a wide range of reliable equipment & attachments for general construction work. From their well-known Demolition equipment to Blast hole drilling rigs, and Road Construction equipment, Atlas Copco offer only the highest quality equipment.

Leasecorp Motor Vehicle & Equipment Finance are one of the leaders in this type of equipment finance in Australia. We offer advise on the most tax effective way to finance the complete Atlas Copco equipment range of products.

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