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Comacchio Equipment Finance


Leasecorp Motor Vehicle & Equipment Finance are the leading Australian financier in the piling & drilling industry with over 15 years experience.

Comacchio is a renowned Italian manufacturer of an extensive range of Geotechnical Drilling machines sold all over the world. The incredible Comacchio range of machines are versatile and reliable.


The Australian importer for Comacchio Drilling Equipment is DrillTechniques Australia (Contact: Cameron Gaylard - Managing Director on 0448 166 336 or visit their website http://www.drilltechniques.com.au).

MC Line

 The MC represents the basic line of multiuse rigid and articulated hydraulic crawler drill rigs suitable for several types of specialized works, such as ground consolidation, anchor drilling, geotechnical works, water well drilling and geothermal energy.

MC-T Line

The MC-T Line is a variety of hydraulic multi-use drilling rigs installed on trucks mainly used for geotechnical works and water well drilling.

MC-E Line

The MC-E Line represents Comacchio’s range of hydraulic drilling rigs installed on hydraulic crawler excavators used mainly for ground consolidation works and anchor drilling.

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