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Professional Memberships

Leasecorp Motor Vehicle & Equipment Finance is a member of several professional and industry associations that provide consumer protection and industry guidelines and standards.

Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) Member

FBAA Accredited logo

Leasecorp Finance is an Accredited Member of the FBAA.

The FBAA is Australia's leading membership body for finance broking professionals, providing standards and guidelines to promote professional practice standards in sourcing domestic and commercial funding in the finance/mortgage broking industry.

Membership of FBAA requires the members to meet strict criteria. Members are required to:
  • abide by the FBAA's Code of Conduct
  • utilise an approved External Dispute Resolution Service
  • provide compliance training to staff
  • meet educational and/or experience criteria
  • hold Professional Indemnity Insurance

These requirements help to ensure members are professional organisations, and provide peace of mind for customers.

For more information visit the FBAA website http://www.fbaa.com.au.

Credit Ombudsman Service (COSL) Member

Credit Ombudsman Service Member

Leasecorp Finance is a Member of the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited (COSL).

COSL provides an independent and impartial external dispute resolution service to clients of COSL members.

The availability of this service ensures peace of mind for consumers, as it provides a free and simple method to resolve any dispute that arises.

For more information visit the COSL website http://www.creditombudsman.com.au.

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Professional Membership

FBAA Accredited

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