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Used Cars

When considering the purchase of a used vehicle, Leasecorp recommends an independent professional inspection report. $200 may establish that the car is a lemon. It is money well spent discovering the true condition of your potential purchase.

If you are leaving a deposit subject to a satisfactory independent inspection, ensure this is written on the contract.

In most cases you can get a fair idea of the condition yourself, for example:

  • inspecting the paint work and body in a well lit environment,
  • look for damage from a previous accident, hail or rust,
  • ensure the engine area is clean and tidy. If it has been poorly maintained, mechanically you can expect mechanical problems,
  • check the tyres including the spare,
  • listen for knocking or rattling in the engine,
  • radiator coolant has to be clean and is normally a bright colour,
  • check the exhaust system looking for fumes, loud noises, blue smoke (oil is burning),
  • confirm all the electric's work, including lights etc,
  • does the car smell of cigarette smoke? This will turn many buyers off the purchase as the smell is very hard to remove.

When doing a test drive ask the salesperson if you can go alone, so you are not subject to the constant sales pitch when assessing the vehicle.

Negotiate firmly without emotion and stay within your price range. Leasecorp Finance offers pre-approved finance prior to shopping around.

Always check the warranty that the dealer is offering. Negotiate at least two years extended warranty in the purchase price.

Do your homework on your trade in price by logging on to www.redbook.com.au. This site may give you a free indication of the approximate value.

The more informed you are prior to negotiating the price, the better. We advise to only look at the change-over price not any other inflated figures. After all, this is what you will have to pay.

Give yourself time prior to committing to a contract.

Contact Leasecorp Finance office for final monthly payments, and finance approval, before proceeding. Occasionally dealers will pursue the contract in court if you elect not to proceed, so be very careful.

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